English 103 A15: Where the Parents Aren’t

Overview: This course likely falls under the English or Literature department and is designed to explore the representation of orphans and adoptees in literature. It may examine various literary works, genres, and historical periods to analyze how these characters have been portray and the themes associated with their experiences.

Course Topics and Themes:

Orphanhood and Adoption in Literature

students may explore the depiction of orphaned and adopted characters in literary works from different time periods and cultural contexts.

Identity and Belonging

The English course might delve into the themes of identity, belonging, and the search for one’s true self, as often experienced by orphaned or adopted characters.

Family and Relationships

Discussions may revolve around the dynamics of family and relationships in literature. Focusing on how these dynamics are influence by the absence or presence of biological parents.

Narrative and Symbolism

Students may analyze how authors use orphans and adoptees as literary devices to convey broader themes and messages within their works.

Psychological and Societal Perspectives

The course may explore the psychological and societal implications of orphanhood and adoption. Considering how these themes reflect the cultural and historical context in which the literature was produce.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Some courses might examine how issues related to orphanhood and adoption intersect with issues of race, ethnicity, gender, and class, promoting discussions on diversity and inclusivity.

Assessment and Assignments

Students may be expected to read various literary works, participate in class discussions, and complete assignments. These assignments could encourage students to apply literary theory, research, and critical thinking skills to the course materials.

Course Goals

The goals of the course may include fostering a deeper understanding of literary representations of orphaned and adopted individuals.

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