Proposal Essay Topics

Below, you’ll find a list of proposal essay topics that you can consider for your essay. Remember that a proposal essay presents an idea and argues for its feasibility or benefits. You can tailor these topics to your interests, field of study, or current issues. Each topic is accompanied by a brief description to help you get started.

Universal Basic Income

Propose a system for implementing a universal basic income to address poverty and economic inequality.

Reducing Plastic Waste

Suggest strategies for reducing plastic waste and its environmental impact.

Mental Health Support in Schools

Discuss the need for and the benefits of mental health support in schools, and propose a plan for implementation.

Green Energy Transition

Develop a plan for transitioning to renewable and sustainable energy sources to combat climate change.

Criminal Justice Reform

Propose reforms to the criminal justice system, such as alternatives to incarceration or changes to sentencing guidelines.

Improving Healthcare Accessibility

Suggest ways to make healthcare more accessible and affordable for all citizens.

Online Privacy Regulations

Propose regulations to protect individuals’ online privacy in an era of increasing digital surveillance.

Reducing Food Insecurity

Develop a plan to reduce food insecurity and hunger, both locally and globally.

Improving Education Funding

Propose a fair and effective way to fund education, ensuring that every child receives a quality education.

Preventing Cyberbullying

Suggest measures to prevent and combat cyberbullying, protecting individuals’ mental health in the digital age.

Universal Healthcare

Advocate for a universal healthcare system and outline a plan for its implementation.

Reducing Police Violence

Propose reforms and measures to reduce incidents of police violence and build trust between law enforcement and the community.

Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

Develop a plan to promote sustainable and ethical practices in agriculture to protect the environment.

Affordable Housing Solutions

Suggest policies and programs to make housing more affordable and combat homelessness.

Combatting Fake News

Propose strategies to combat the spread of misinformation and fake news in the era of social media.

Reducing College Tuition

Discuss the issue of rising college tuition and propose strategies to make higher education more affordable.

Promoting Diversity in the Workplace

Develop a plan for promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace.

Preserving Endangered Species

Propose strategies and policies to protect endangered species and their habitats.

Community Policing

Advocate for community policing as a means to improve law enforcement and community relations.

Addressing Opioid Epidemic

Suggest measures to address the opioid epidemic, including prevention, treatment, and harm reduction.

Promoting Healthy Eating

Propose strategies to encourage healthier eating habits and combat obesity.

Reducing Air Pollution

Develop a plan to reduce air pollution and improve air quality in urban areas.

Digital Literacy in Education

Discuss the importance of digital literacy in the modern world and propose integrating it into the education system.

Promoting Local Small Businesses

Suggest measures to support and promote local small businesses and entrepreneurs.

Reducing Gun Violence

Propose comprehensive measures to reduce gun violence while respecting the Second Amendment.

Preserving Historical Landmarks

Develop a plan to preserve and protect historical landmarks and cultural heritage sites.

Improving Public Transportation

Discuss the need for and benefits of improved public transportation systems and propose a plan for enhancement.

Internet Access in Rural Areas

Propose strategies to provide better internet access in rural and underserved areas.

Promoting Gender Equality

Develop a plan to promote gender equality in all aspects of society, including the workplace.

Reducing Childhood Obesity

Suggest initiatives to reduce childhood obesity through education and policy changes.

When selecting a proposal essay topic, consider your own interests, the target audience, and the feasibility of the proposal. Additionally, Proposal Essay Topics requires one to conduct thorough research to support their argument and provide evidence for the effectiveness of their proposed solutions.

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