Biography on Edward Heath

Biography on Edward Heath.


Write a biography on Edward Heath. To what extent can the Edward Heath government be regarded as a success? Analysing and evaluating his governments, choose a maximum of three policies to support your argument

This essay is 2000 words excluding biblography in word limit. please use good spag and good essay structure. it must be refrenced through out. now i am going to provide you the essay format provided by teacher. introduction: 1) directly adress the question 2)use supporting examples 3)set out intention of the essay and thesis stament. Biography: 1)no more than 400 words 2)discuss early life of edward heath until he became prime minister 3)after he was prime minister(if important) 4)do not discuss his time as a Prime minister. Main body: 1)use maximum three policies and main body should have three paragraphs with three policies. each policy new paragraph. paragrph structure would be like sandwich. each paragraph must contain three parts in one paragraph and policy like sandwich structure. 1) mini introduction e.g. Heath was not sucessfull or sucess full in particular policy. 2) second part must contain main points of the policy along with evidence and examples. counter argument in this essay matters alot at every stage then discuss counter argument. 3) mini conclusion e.g. in this way, Heath was not sucess full because and tell why…. Conclusion: overall judgement based on all three policies.

Make overall judgements on three policies and evaluation. biblography must be there.  writer important thing please follow the same structure and please focus on the question and structure i provided please work good on essay because research matters alot with refrencing and essay structure use PEEAL structure. moreover please use counter points, analysis , evaluation and evidences and examples in main body paragraph which matters alot. in this essay you can use Edawrd heath economic policies, intro into eec, northern ireland appeasement, trade union reforms or foreign policy and if any you find more better. use three policies which contain more counter point, analyises and evaluation. do rember one thing do research properly and collect information readinfg articles and books because all number are from the research and informaton collected. Moreover all essay marks depend on use of many counter point, analysis and evaluation. in file attachment i had attach essay with same structure and question structure of last year students who got 71 percent in the essay and you can read and check the structure and introduction of that student but it was on john major instead of major heath. hope full for good essa. please do check essay of the student attached and write introduction like this because introduction is written really good and check conclusion and main body paragraphs of the essay but he goot less marks in the essay. 

Biography on Edward Heath

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