Biological aerosol particles in the Arabian Gulf Environment

Biological aerosol particles in the Arabian Gulf Environment.

 The report is to be written as a review article format. On one of the following: Topic selection to be done in class. 1. Biological aerosol particles in the Arabian Gulf Environment Write the report with the following sections: Introduction: Search the literature and cite references on your topic. You could use references from other Arabian Gulf Countries, to compare it to UAE. Experimental procedure or Methods: Which methods the articles used to determine exposure and effects. Results & Discussion: Discuss all papers, write as a review article with sections and studies comparisons. You could tabulate results of different studies for comparison purposes. Conclusion: Draw conclusions based on the data collected and surveys of present literature. Make sure you state what your opinion is based on data and on your research and on the literature. Reference list: Find a minimum of 10 references or more that discuss how important is the level of acidity or alkalinity of water. Use them in the Introduction and R&D. Add a full list of references at the end of the paper. All sources of information should be referenced in the report using APA writing style with author, date, title, source (department, agency, country; or journal), website address(w/date accessed. Do NOT plagiarize!! Do not use very many quotes!! You should paraphrase & summarize!! All writing should be your own. Note: A well-organized report with specific heading and subheadings. You are a professional scientist or engineer, so no essays please. Look up Review scientific articles and follow their format.

Biological aerosol particles in the Arabian Gulf Environment

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