Book Report for Hugh Bowden’s book Alexander the Great.

Book Report for Hugh Bowden’s book Alexander the Great..

Compose a book report for Hugh Bowden’s book, Alexander the Great: A Very Short Introduction. The book report must be at least 750 words in length and will include two sections: 1. A chapter by chapter summary of the contents of the book comprising at least two thirds of the book report. There should be individual chapter headings indicating the material that you are summarizing followed by brief summaries of the contents of the chapter. 2. A critique of the book as a whole. Evaluate the book. Was it effective? Was it coherent? Was it enjoyable? Why or why not? Which arguments in the book were convincing? Which arguments were not convincing? The length of the critique should be no more than one third the entire length of the book report and no less than 100 words. It is not necessary to provide a works cited page for this assignment but if you wish to cite to a page, parenthetical citation is preferred. Do this by closing your sentence with the page to which you site in parentheses. For example: The author argues that Julius Caesar was an idealistic politician who felt a great sense of duty to help the downtrodden of Rom (56).

Book Report for Hugh Bowden’s book Alexander the Great.

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