Career Action Plan (for Mathematics Education)

Career Action Plan (for Mathematics Education).


– Identify a range of short-term career goals to help you prepare for the transition from university to the workplace. – Your goals should be based on your unique skills and knowledge set and any gaps you have identified throughout this course. – Your short-term actions should be time-bound and measurable (i.e. how will you know if you successfully complete the identified action?) – Remember to include a bibliography (cite where you got the information associated with the skills you need to be a mathematics teacher), and be reflective. For the bibliography, this will not be a standard bibliography as the skills required for your chosen career are unlikely to be in a journal article. Some information that might be useful: – Currently studying Bachelor of Science majoring in Applied Mathematics. – Planning to study Master’s degree in Mathematical Education. – Planning to teach in primary school, kindergarten or some after school tutorial centers. – Have been doing some volunteering in kindergartens and primary schools (after school activities). – Tutoring 5 children aging from 2 to 10 (helping them with school work like mathematics and teaching some of them some languages). – To know more about being a teacher, I’ve interviewed my high school mathematics teacher and asked him what is required to be a good teacher (like what skills are required, what attitude should a teacher have, etcetc). – I’ve uploaded 2 documents. One is the plan for this assignment, which tells me what can be included, the second document is the rubric which also includes content that is required in this assignment. No specific format is required

Career Action Plan (for Mathematics Education)

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