COM 210: Writing At Work

COM 210: Writing At Work.

Project #3 Overview

You will submit the materials for a 5-minute presentation about one of the innovations researched either by you during Project #1 or by a member of your group in Project #2 and a 1-page handout to be given to your presentation’s audience. This presentation should be designed to outline the basics for an audience that is hearing a number of pitches.

You may use all of the previous research to create this presentation.

This presentation must:

• Be 3-4 substantive slides long, not counting the title slide or a contact slide

• Include at least one non-decorative image that you have made. This means that it should not be clip art or an image of text. If suitable, you can repurpose an image that you have already created.

Note that you can include additional images that you have found or made, but one made by you is required.

• Be submitted with notes that would be useful to you while you were giving the presentation. These notes can take the form of a script or of an outline that would keep you on track. See the attached example of notes at the end of this document.

• Be submitted with a handout, which would be given to the audience viewing your presentation. This would include the presenter’s name, title, and email; the presentation’s title; and key information you want them to take away. It should be brief (but substantive), not too text-heavy, and not the same as your notes.

COM 210: Writing At Work

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