Family Analysis Project (Must be a real family……not a movie family)

Family Analysis Project (Must be a real family……not a movie family).

Schedule an interview with a (1) family based on personal/professional acquaintance, to complete a comprehensive, written assessment/analysis -Examine the impact of functional patterns and role structure on the family. • Examine family relationships and communication patterns. • Identify influences on family health promotion APA format with headers (-Introduction is present and forecasts content) (-Comprehensive description of nuclear family or variant family form; demographic trends (composition, form, ages, educational level); developmental stage ) (Comprehensive description of the sociocultural data, including an assessment of cultural/ethnic and social class status ) (Genogram represents a minimum of 2 generations; Uses correct symbols to demonstrate relationships; -physical environment, including the home, neighborhood, and community. -describes the quality and methods of communication within the family – the power structure within the family, including the power hierarchy, power bases, and coalitions -roles within the family and how they relate to one another, both formally and informally – values of the family as demonstrated through its norms and rules – spiritual activities of the family and their role in their lives -aspect of socialization in the family unit as outlined to the left -adaptability of the family through its role conflicts, handling of overload/changes, coping strategies, both functional & dysfunctional, and problem-solving skills -covers the healthcare beliefs regarding health and illness, as well as practices to promote health and prevent illness. -strengthening/maintain the family’s health and discusses interventions based on at least one theoretical framework from the Health Belief Model -Includes summary and conclusion

Family Analysis Project (Must be a real family……not a movie family)

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