Goodell vs. Silver What Leaders Really Do

Goodell vs. Silver What Leaders Really Do.

In week #1, the assignment was to look at Adam Silver’s handling of the LA Clippers scandal, in the context of leadership and management in sports. For this week, we will look at Adam Silver vs. Roger Goodell: Focusing these two high profile sports leaders, view these two men through the lens of the “What Leaders Really Do” (posted last week) article by Kotter. Focusing on the difference between managers and leaders, and leaders in particular, Kotter makes several important observations and statements about “What leaders really do”? Compare and contrast Silver and Goodell, per Kotter, in light of their actions in the last 12 months, regarding the leadership of their respective league. You should site 1 or 2 specific examples, and your response should be approximately 300-400 words. Be sure to cite the sources of your writing. This could include articles, videos, etc. where responsible parties (think scholars, teachers, media) have offered critiques, not fan or radio/TV talking heads have weighed in.

Goodell vs. Silver What Leaders Really Do

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