Integrated nursing care within child and family services

Integrated nursing care within child and family services.


The essay is based on the scenario taken from my practice placement experience in the hospital. The scenario: I looked after a male, 3 year old child with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia (ALL) (you can mention about what is ALL very briefly) who was admitted to children’s ward with pyrexia (fever) of 39.4′ Before the child was seen I had to keep the child cool by using normal fan and asked the parent to undress him and leave him only with nappy. **PLEASE READ MY TUTOR’S FEEDBACK FOR THIS ESSAY** (I will upload this) 1. Please use referencing guide from my university ( I will upload this) 2. References needs to be maximum 5 years old, or up to 8-10 years old if absolutely necessary. Use mostly English/British peer reviewed journal articles/books/reviews. 3. Please have a look at the assessment brief (This essay failed first attempt, it’s important you have a look at learning outcomes).

4. The essay is focused on nursing intervention mostly – in this case: cooling interventions taken by nurse and support to parents and child she gave, before child was assessed by doctor and given prescribed pharmacological medication like paracetamol. 5. Please use and reference guidelines from National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) about fever in children; 6. Please use guidelines from NICE and BNF about paracetamol use in children, include contraindications, side effects and what is it and how this should be used in children with ALL. What are the risks for children in ALL. link here : Focus mostly on nursing intervention however at the end we can mention that last resort would be to give paracetamol (anti-pyretic) if cooling interventions wouldnt work. I AM UPLOADING OLD ESSAY THAT DIDN’t PASS. MAYBE YOU FIND SOME USEFULL INFORMATION THERE. PLEASE IGNORE USE OF IBUPROFEN THIS IS NOT ALLOWED IN CHILDREN WITH ALL. 

Integrated nursing care within child and family services

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