Knowledge Assessment Instrument

Knowledge Assessment Instrument.

Knowledge Assessment Instrument Assignment


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Create a stand alone test based on any hobby or subject matter expertise that I am interested in- I WOULD LIKE TO CREATE A TEST BASED ON DENTAL HYGIENE (CANADA NOT USA). The point behind this is NOT the content but rather to learn how to create valid and reliable tests and exams. Part 1: Knowledge Assessment Instrument (10%) Create one knowledge instrument that would capture students’ cognitive learning in your course/ workshop. Part 2: Rationale Report (10%) Provide a rationale for the design and an explanation of its use. Explain your thinking and your decisions for the design, implementation and analysis. Address all the guiding questions in writing up the rationale. Part 3: Self-Assessment of the Knowledge Assessment Instrument (5%) Submit a Self-Assessment Report with the following parts: a) Reflection: • What did you learn about creating this instrument? • What are the strengths and weaknesses of this instrument? b) Rubric Rationale: • Referring to the rubric, explain why you bench marked your exam at this level. c) Self-Assessment Mark: (out of 5) Specifications of assignment: • Provide a cover sheet stating your name and student number, the course name and number. • The Knowledge Instrument must have: a. Minimum twenty-five (25) items. b. Minimum four (4) types (no one item type to exceed ten (10) items). c. Instrument best practices applied. d. Item creation best practices applied. •Rationale Report must be a minimum of 500 words. • Whenever you cite anything from a book, article or website reference it using APA So, to reiterate the instructions: This assignment is broken down into 3 parts: Part 1: Knowledge assessment instrument (KAI) – Here you create an exam, consisting of 25 items, which illustrate a minimum of 4 different types (multiple choice, essay, short answer, etc type questions). All the readings for this are provided in the PDF attachments. Depending on the types, this can range from 3-6 pages in length. No answer key is required. Part 2: Knowledge assessment instrument Rationale – Here you will address the 7 Guiding Questions outlined for the Rationale Report. This can range from one page to four pages, depending on how much detail you wish to provide.

Knowledge Assessment Instrument

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