Life Events – Childhood

Life Events – Childhood.

I interviewed an ederly about his childhood , and with the questions and answers that are provided you are suppose to elaborate with any sources Life Events – Childhood 1. Why were you given the first ( and middle) name(s) that you have ? – Macarty ( name of his uncle) 2. Who was more strict: your mother or your father? Do you have a vivid memory of something you did that you were disciplined for ? – My mother was strict , I disobeyed her rules about going outside and she seen me and beat me 3. When did you learn how to drive ? Who taught you ? What was your first car like? – 25 years old , A friend of mine , blue toyato 1982 Life Events- Adulthood 1. What was your first job? What did you like or not like about it ? – First job : tutor , Like: some kids learn fast , Dislike: they did not pay attention 2. How did you meet your spouse? What did you like about him/her? – playing soccer , she was quite and smart 3. Whats your favorite story about each of your children? – They are always a leader and not a follower 4. What makes you proud of your children? – listen , respectful and smart Identity What was most important to your parents ? – Raise your future kids proper so they raise me correctly If you won $1 million tomorrow, what would you do with the money? – Invest , give and save Whats the best compliment you ever recieved? – generous and respect people Do you feel differently about yourself now from how you felt when you were younger? How? – Same : Character , Different: understanding people better Im going going to attach the direction for this paper and example of what the professor want. TEXTBOOK( I use this textbook in class) : Berk, L.E. (2017). Developmental through the lifespan (7th ed) New York, NY: Pearson.

Life Events – Childhood

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