Maternal Deaths after delivery

Maternal Deaths after delivery.


T Statement of purpose What was studied and why? The population studies (if appropriate) and how they will be selected for the study Description of the methodology Is your study qualitative or quantitative and why did you choose this method? If you chose quantitative, is your study: Descriptive, correlational, quasi-experimental or experimental and why? If you chose qualitative, is your study: A case study, grounded theory, phenomenology, ethnography, or historical study, and why? What other methods were considered but discarded? Data collection How will you collect the data that correlates to your research method? What are the factors that influence this data collection choice? Identify and explain the data collection instrument and if they are published instruments or created by the researcher. Where will the data be collected and who will collect it? How will it be recorded? How is the data collection connected to the research questions? What is the plan for data analysis? Trustworthiness Describe how you will ensure your study is trustworthy: Qualitative: Explain strategies for credibility, dependability confirmability, and transferability. Quantitative: Explain strategies for internal and external validity, reliability, and objectivity Your methodology section should be 8–10 pages with cited references and support from your research

Maternal Deaths after delivery

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