Miami University Module 6 Middle Childhood Observation & Analysis Essay

Miami University Module 6 Middle Childhood Observation & Analysis Essay Miami University Module 6 Middle Childhood Observation & Analysis Essay.


  1. Listen to or obtain copies of the lyrics for your selected song in both the original popular version and the Kidz Bop version
  2. Make note of word and phrase changes between the 2 versions
  3. As applicable, make note of any other differences aside from the words in the recording of the songs

Submission Details

Submit your assignment with the following structure:

  1. Proof of observation
    • Include the website links for where you listened to both songs or provide a selfie or screenshot from a music streaming service
  2. Description of observation experience
    • Describe what it was like to listen to and take note of these songs
    • For example: How is this different from your normal listening experience? Would you otherwise ever listen to Kidz Bop?
  3. Analysis of observation 
    • What did you notice about the types of modifications done to the songs? 
      • Be detailed in your analysis and incorporate course concepts as you examine your notes
    • How does the cultural environment shape what kinds of differences there are between the songs? Address this in more depth.
    • Compare what you observed to topics covered by the course so far, both from a child development perspective and as if you were a parent controlling your child’s access to media
  4. General Reflection 
    • Provide overall opinion of the facilities/locations of observations/activities (as appropriate).
    • Provide your assessment of the observation/activity process and experience (what you learned, what you wished you would have learned, what you would do differently).
  5. Conclusion – Wrap it all up!
    • What did you learn?
    • What are key takeaways from this observation experience?
    • Is there a need for any sort of action or advocacy?

You may submit your assignment in written, audio, or visual format. Be sure to address all parts of the assignment and analysis questions. 

Assignment Information & Reminders

As part of this course, you will be completing some assignments in the form of direct child observation, caregiver observation, and/or community activities/interviews. You will then use these observations along with course resources to complete 3 assignments for this course. These assignments are essential to understanding how the concepts we learn in this course apply to the real world.

Course Objectives

These assignments are organized to help you address all 5 of our course objectives.

  1. Classify the physical, emotional, cultural, social and cognitive characteristics of children within various general stages of development spanning conception through middle childhood.
  2. Examine the complex relationship between biological and environmental factors (including culture) and their impacts on the development of children, the learning process, and developmental parenting dynamics.
  3. Apply major theoretical models, historical perspectives, and social and legal components that organize our understanding of child development and parenting norms.
  4. Generate observations, records and reports of information on similarities and differences in development patterns and behaviors of children.
  5. Contribute meaningfully to discourse/debate about challenges and solutions currently facing families in our world.

Miami University Module 6 Middle Childhood Observation & Analysis Essay

Miami University Module 6 Middle Childhood Observation & Analysis Essay

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