Network security

Network security.

Network security to include wired and wireless. Business and home practices of network security. RESEARCH PAPER a. Length to be no less than 10 pages. b. In APA Style format. See WBU Library for APA Style requirements. I have included a checklist to help you insure you have covered all of what APA requires. c. Minimum of five (5) external references. Course text does not count. d. Title Page and Summary Statement count as one page each (2pgs). e. Body of paper must be atleast 7 pages. (7pgs) Use the Body category below for headings. f. Reference page will count as one or more pages. (1pg) g. Charts, graphs, & tables should be appendixes in the rear of the document and are not part of 10-page minimum. h. Topic, Outline and References due as indicated on course schedule. i. Final Due by end of Week 10. Submit through the Assignment Dropbox as an attachment in MS Word readable format.

Network security

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