Organizational Leadership Evidence and Application

Organizational Leadership Evidence and Application.


Whether we are looking to understand the organizational barriers that exist to change a policy or conduct a rootcause analysis to understand organizational failure, we know all too well that there are types of organizations that are more prone to success and those that are more prone to failure. (1) Retrieve two peer-reviewed articles pertaining to organizational research and your topic of interest. (Topic: In pregnant women with subclinical hypothyroidism, does early treatment reduces the risk of spontaneous abortion within the first trimester) (2) Critique each article, highlighting the strengths and the weaknesses of each article. (3) Interpret the statistical analysis and significance of results. (4) Analyze the feasibility of applying this evidence to your population/problem of interest in your current practicum setting. (5) Incorporate the DNP essential V. (Health Care Policy for Advocacy in Health Care). Refer to: Both articles should support nursing standards and patient safety within your chosen topic.

Organizational Leadership Evidence and Application

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