Personal Philosophy of Education

Personal Philosophy of Education.

 Personal Philosophy Paper Instructions INSTRUCTIONS This paper is to be 5 pages in length from the introductory paragraph to the conclusion, which does not count the title page, abstract, or reference pages. This paper is a statement of your personal philosophy of education, which should focus on the purpose of education, which is why education is carried out and not so much how it is carried out. Your purpose of education is to emphasize the long-range impact you believe education should have on individuals and on society—the outcome of education. As you convey your philosophy, you are to focus on its outcome rather than on the methods, practices, instruction, or classroom activities. Those are tools of carrying out your philosophy; therefore, a simple discussion of teaching strategies does not make up your philosophy of education. As an academic paper, it is to be supported by the body of knowledge in the field, which is to include references to the literature from educational philosophy, psychology, curriculum, and learning theory. Treat this as a position statement, a persuasive paper. Make declarative statements of “ought” and “should.” Follow the length requirement outlined in the syllabus, use current APA format, and include a minimum of four references. Submit the paper on both Blackboard and A grade will not be assigned until the paper is submitted in both locations. HEADINGS: See the rubric in the Assignment Instructions folder; it will be used for assessing the paper. To ensure the paper meets the requirements of the rubric, you are to include the elements listed below. Note the required headings that are to be placed in the same order in your paper as they appear in the outline below.

Personal Philosophy of Education

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