Pop culture, Sex and Gender Paper

Pop culture, Sex and Gender Paper.

 Identify your own intersectional identities shaped by popular culture, and utilize four academic readings (either from our class or outside of it or some combination) and any of the films screened in class that helped you understand how your personal experience is shaped by race, class, gender, ability, and sexuality. Using an intersectional lens, examine how social inequalities have been reinforced in your life by multiple institutions (for example, government, religion, family, school, healthcare, employment, etc.). How do these institutions reinforce the public/private divide across race, class, gender, ability, and sexuality? How do notions of hegemony, privilege, colonialism, and capitalism operate within these confines? You may also utilize other primary sources, for example, a specific advertising image, a political cartoon, a TV show, a news program, to supplement your argument, but please use proper citation. Your paper must be 5-7 pages in length, double spaced. Times New Roman, 12 point, normal margins Works cited page, MLA format.

Pop culture, Sex and Gender Paper

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