Portfolio evaluation (MSFT, AMD, NXPI, & PGR)

Portfolio evaluation (MSFT, AMD, NXPI, & PGR).

 Talk succinctly (i.e. don’t get “wordy” to cover a lack of understanding) how your portfolio performed. Tell  things as: a. How much “money” did you make on your total investment ($25k each stock from 3/07 to 4/25) b. Whether your portfolio out-performed the S&P 500 (i.e. a broad market index) c. Whether your individual stocks were “aggressive” or “defensive” according to their betas and if they performed accordingly d. Tell me about your Expected Return using the CAPM – did it perform as predicted? e. What were your Portfolio’s Variance and Standard Deviation? Were there certain stocks that impacted this more than others?

Portfolio evaluation (MSFT, AMD, NXPI, & PGR)

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