Project quality management knowledge

Project quality management knowledge.

Project quality management knowledge. Final Essay: Answer following (I will also provide more information and a sample, basically the answer is similar to the sample, but please do not copy or paraphrase any sentences in the sample ) 1) Please describe all of the attributes of the Quality Management plan. How does the plan fit into the overall Project Management plan? 2) Describe all the characteristics of Quality Assurance. In the case you are just given a new project how would you describe quality assurance to the team? 3) You have just been placed as the new PM. The product has had a history of quality problems , how would you describe quality control procedures, what tools and techniques would you use? 4) Name five techniques that you have learnt in the study of quality and how they can be used? (something you can write: 1. seven basic quality management tools: cause and effect diagram/pareto chart/flow chart/ check sheet/ histogtam/control chart/ scatter diagram, 2. statistical process control (SPC) 3. QMS 4. benchmarking in quality management ….etc..) **if you have reference please use appropriate apa format

Project quality management knowledge

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