Rhetorical Situation Analysis

Rhetorical Situation Analysis.

 First, you will define and summarize your evolving understanding of rhetorical reading and the rhetorical situation. What are these concepts? In what ways are they related? Why/how are they important or useful for analysis? What role do these concepts play in helping us to understand a text? Second, you will demonstrate the usefulness of rhetorical reading by applying the process to one of the following three texts from Language Acts:➢George W. Bush – “Address to a Joint Session of Congress and the American People” (pg. 50). You will briefly summarize the main ideas in the text before working to identify the key components of the text’s rhetorical situation (author, audience, purpose/text, context). This will help you to closely analyze where in the speech the rhetor is (or isn’t) responding effectively to his/her rhetorical situation. Your argument about how well the author responds to the rhetorical situation will be represented in your thesis in the introduction. To conclude, you will provide specific evidence stemming from the work you did in the second section to explain and describe how applying rhetorical reading strategies helped to deepen and clarify your understanding of the text. Please use simple language

Rhetorical Situation Analysis

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