SNPG960 Assessment Task Details

SNPG960 Assessment Task Details.

You are required, in your learning theory group to to create a collaborative document in Google Docs describing, analysising and discussing your group’s chosen learning theory. You are expected to make equeal contributions to the research and creation of your wiki document. At least two of your wiki contributions must be a new and original contribution and two may edit or add to an existing contribution. You are expected to use the template in Google docs (link on the Moodle site.

You need to allocate yourself to a group of 4-6 students in week one via the choice button on Moodle and then click on the link to Google Docs (in the Moodle site) and create a copy of the template for your group.

A Wiki is a website that allows a group of people to create and edit (ussually website) contents without any special technical knowledge or tools. Wiki wiki is Hawaiian for quick.

SNPG960 Assessment Task Details

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