STATA software or EVIEWS

STATA software or EVIEWS.

ST A T A or EVIEWS: The problems sets will include computer-exercise components. You are required to use econometric software STATA or EVIEWS for statistical analysis. Please be informed that each problem set that you will submit should include a STATA log file or output or EVIEWS code. The STATA software is available on PCs located in Science Library. If you would like to purchase a private license of STATA, a student rate is available. Research project and presentation: You are required to write an essay (2500-3000 words) on a research project you independently select and work on, and present your findings in class (a 8minutes presentation). You may seek an original topic you are interested in or replicate existing studies using new data. The following website also has some useful information. resources/ STATA log file or EVIEWS code should be provided as the appendix at the end of essay.Presentations will take place during the final two or three weeks of classes

STATA software or EVIEWS

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