Technology and privacy

Technology and privacy.

Description For this option, you must write a paper that either: 1. Reports in depth on some topic or issue related to the course material (legal, social, or ethical aspects of information systems), or 2. Discusses (in depth) some controversial issue relating to the course material 1.2 General Requirements 1.2.1 Length If you are working alone, your paper should be approximately 5–6 pages long (before the bibliography). If you are working with a partner, your paper should be approximately 10–12 pages long (without the bibliography). 1.2.2 Formatting Your paper should follow these general formatting guidelines: • It should have 1-inch margins on all sides • It should use 12-point type and an appropriate, “professional”-looking typeface2 such as Times New Roman or Georgia, rather than, e.g., Comic Sans or Papyrus • It should be double-spaced (approximately 300 words per page) 1.2.3 Organization and Structure Your paper should be organized into sections for clarity. A sample structure (for a “controversial issue” paper) is as follows: 1. Introduction 2. Motivation for selecting this topic 3. Background information on the topic or explanation of the controversy 4. Arguments for one side of the controversial topic 5. Arguments for the other side of the topic 6. Analysis of the previously stated arguments 7. Summary and conclusion 8. Bibliography and References 1.2.4 Sources Your paper must include at least six non-Wikipedia sources, not counting the textbook. Your paper must cite these sources whenever you use information from them (for example, as a footnote or parenthetical reference). If you use the Web to find source material, be aware that not all sources are fair and unbiased; be sure to note the URL, date accessed, and organization sponsoring the Web sites that you use as resources. You may use the citation scheme of your choice, as long as it is ultimately possible to locate your sources.

Technology and privacy

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