Title IX court cases

Title IX court cases.

Research TITLE IX court cases in their State of employment/residence (California) Students will research a Title IX case. Students will explain how the outcome of the court case affects his/her position as a teacher or coach. (I am a Track and Field volunteer coach) Students will write a 2 to 3 page APA formatted paper organized as follows (hint: use the six sections as a guide): A. Title page B. Introduction Statement of the Issue/Court Case Importance/Relevance C. Background A review/list any cases related to the issue D. Current Status An explanation of current (within last 4 to 7 years) cases and problems related to the issue stated in your introduction (e.g. challenges to previous rulings or cases that were won/lost using previously established statutes) E. Conclusion The significance of the issue as it relates to sport today – is it still a prominent issue or pretty much established? F. References – minimum of two references

Title IX court cases

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