“To Kill a Mocking Bird” as a critique of Law

“To Kill a Mocking Bird” as a critique of Law.

 How does the work, “ To Kill a Mockingbird” critique an aspect of the law? This could be – but doesn’t have to be – through the concept of evidence gathering and interpretation. For analysis, analyze the real law that is being referenced, and utilize at least two of the law and lit theoretical discussion articles : 1. Law as Interpretation – Ronald Dworkin Law as Interpretation – Semantic Scholar 2. To Kill a Mockingbird ( 1962): Lawyering in an Unjust Society – Taunya Lovell Banks To Kill a Mockingbird (1962): Lawyering in an Unjust Society LEGAL ANALYSIS 1) Type/Concept of law you want to focus on (for example – criminal law, family law, property law, the concept of evidence, the concept of trial practice): 2) What is the text from the work of literature that addresses this field of law: You may want to look at The Law Dictionary for basic definitions Black’s Law Dictionary – Free Online Legal Dictionary Time period: You can focus on the present day, even if the action occurred in the far past. Jurisdiction (place): You can focus on the USA federal law. Federal laws are considered the “highest” and more determinative laws that speak more for the entire country; state laws are more localized and geared to the culture/norms/values of the particular state. For this assessment, you can use a federal law to interpret an action in the state. 3) Can you find the rule/law/statute that governs the issue/problem that occurred in the work of literature? (for example, google Federal Criminal Law, Federal Discrimination Law), Use the U.S. Constitution as your law. FindLaw is a good resource to use; it provides the laws (click the link for the US Constitution Also, Nexis Uni (Lexis/Nexis) is a database you can access to find this information as well. 4) CHOOSE A LAW REVIEW ARTICLE OR A US SUPREME COURT CASE 4a) How has a Law Review article interpreted the law you are looking at? _______________ A Law Review article is a document, usually written by law students, that is published in their school’s law journal. This document usually “comments on” an aspect of a law, providing fresh insight as to the current thinking about the law and its interpretation by courts. Nexis Uni (Lexis/Nexis) is a database you can access that has a multitude of law review articles. Apply the Law Review article to the facts of your case: Relate the interpretation of the law you found in the Law Review article to the facts of the work of literature you are using. How is the Law Review article’s finding/reasoning related to the facts of the work of literature? What can you conclude about how the Law Review’s findings would interpret the issue/problem from the work of literature?

“To Kill a Mocking Bird” as a critique of Law

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