video: “SouthLand” – Officer Cooper deals with a ….”Shopping Mall Scene:”

video: “SouthLand” – Officer Cooper deals with a ….”Shopping Mall Scene:”.


Questions/Issues: 1. Watch the following ‘’ video: “SouthLand” – Officer Cooper deals with a ….”Shopping Mall Scene:” 1a. You are an investigator with the ‘Internal Affairs Unit’ of a police department and a citizen want to discuss filing a complaint that two uniformed police officers have stolen his cell phone. As evidence of his story he is asking you to view a video of the incident. What are the issues and what action do you recommend? 2. Watch the following ‘’ video: “Lou Holtz on Leadership” at marker 48:38 minutes – “Three Rules” 2a. Lou Holtz talks about his three rules, what meaning do these rules have to ‘contemporary law enforcement ethical standards? 3. Watch the following ‘’ videos: (1) army guy get hit by marine police officer;

(2) Police Officer Smashes Student’s Car Window After Girl Refuses To Roll It Down! 3a. Did the officer(s) use proper communication skills to complete their duties: justify your opinion. 4. Watch the following ‘ video “This is What Community Oriented Policing Looks Like:” Select and watch 3 short video presentations (each must be at least 7 minute in length): 4a. Write a short essay (not more than 250 words) which describes the videos and answer the following, “What is Community Based Policing” 5. Watch the following: SouthLand: 9,800 Police Officers, 4 Million People: 5a. Contrast your feelings concerning this this video with the officer in #4

video: “SouthLand” – Officer Cooper deals with a ….”Shopping Mall Scene:”

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